What motivates your Fashion Choices and Dressing Styles?

If you have read any of my blog posts, you may have noticed that I like to discuss what might be considered as controversial fashion issues. The reason why I find such topics interesting is because I like to hear what other fashion lovers have to say on such topics as sharing such views with others calls the attention of fashion lovers to such issues, so they can always make conscious and informed choices of what they are saying through none verbal cues portrayed in their fashion choices. What I will like us to discuss in this post is the motivation behind fashion choices and styles. The question is; why do you wear what you wear? I pose this question to fashion lovers and bloggers because of two similar questions posted in Quora at different times and in different settings. (You can follow the different viewpoints on quora if you are interested) In the first question a young lady asked the forum members if it is proper for her to wear revealing dresses as her boyfriend wants her to do so. In another setting a man asked if it is proper for women in a particular cultural setting to wear revealing clothes and if parents will allow their daughters to wear such clothes. He later came back and said he thought it is alright for women to wear revealing dresses as a way of attracting “mates”.

The question I have for you fashion bloggers and fashion lovers is; what is the motivation behind your fashion choices? There is no doubt that we all consciously or otherwise like to draw attention to ourselves through the choice of fashion we make. We speak volumes without words in the way we dress and what we wear. We all like to make impressions on others, but the question is; what type of impression do you like to make? What type of impression do you make on people around when you wear revealing clothes? Is wearing revealing clothes the best way to attract a spouse? If you are married did wear revealing clothes to attract the attention of your spouse? Or if you are still searching for your soul mate do you think calling attention to yourself with revealing clothes will do the magic for you?

I am “old school” I am not in favor of women wearing revealing clothes for any reason at all. I am married and I never drew the attention of my husband or any man by wearing revealing clothes. This could have been a deal breaker of him, (though he too is old school anyway). In my opinion revealing clothes is demeaning to womanhood, it may draw attention to oneself, but I do not think it gives a good impression about you. I appreciate the fact that we live in the age of multicultural settings and diverse view points, but the integrity of a woman and feminine values is the same across cultures and should never be compromised even though it may be less appreciated in some generations than others. I think fashion in every age and culture should promote the integrity and dignity of womanhood and women should go out of their way to willingly without any form of cohesion choose fashion styles that do not just enhance their beauty and self-confidence but fashion styles that promote their dignity and helps them command respect from anyone who encounters them. Revealing clothes will never do that, but surely well sewn and elegant clothes will.

So what do you think about women wearing revealing clothes for any reason whatsoever?



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