What is your Opinion on Gender Neutral Clothes?

What is your Opinion on Gender Neutral Clothes?
Couple of weeks ago Target announced it was removing gender labels from most of its kids department, that is, most items in Target’s kids department will no long indicate if the items are for boys or girls. Many other retailers are said to being following this pattern in “breaking down the gender divide in kids’ clothing and toys. In another article posted in mic.com/style (style.mic) it stated that the future of fashion is to abandon “men’s clothing” and women’s clothing and embrace “gender-free clothing” These gender free clothes are said to be featured already on the runways and many stores are said to be becoming “less gendered” This article went further to say that the new fashion trend could mean simply not designating labels that divide “men’s” and “women’s” options in stores, or it could mean designing clothes that eliminate certain gendered style cues. It could also mean leaning into designs that have long been gender-neutral, like Converse, Birkenstocks and Sperry boat shoes”.

Now the questions I have for fashion bloggers and fashion lovers are: do you care if fashion designers blur the divide between male and female clothing designs in their collections? Will you mind if you enter your favorite store or visit a website to buy clothes for yourself, spouse, daughter or son but find nothing that looks like the usual women’s or men’s or girls’ or boys’ clothing but only to find that all kids’ clothing are designed alike and all adults clothing are designed alike without and gender differentiation? Would you please share your thoughts with us in the comment section?

It is not my intention to draw fashion bloggers and fashion lovers into the controversial social issues, but since this is related to fashion for which many people reading this blog are passionate about, I think it will be proper for every well-meaning fashion blogger and fashion lover to look at the issue in the face and take their stand because in one way on the other it will affect everyone us and how we get through it depends on what our stand is.

To answer the question I raised I will not like fashion designers to force everyone into wearing gender neutral clothes, we all should be free to make choices when we enter or go online to buy clothes. They should continue to design clothes for women different from those of men as we have now and similarly for boys and girls. If they so desire they can go on and create a third category of gender neutral clothes for those who choose to shop those designs.

I like to express myself in the type of clothes I wear, and I also like my husband and kids to do the same. I like the clothes I wear to accentuate my feminine features as such I will prefer to buy clothes with such designs and styles. I like my daughter to appreciate and identify with her femininity early on by having her wear girls’ clothing and similarly for my son to identify and appreciate his masculinity, as such when I enter a clothing store or visit an online clothing store I will like to go straight to the department I want to buy clothes from without haven to waste time separating women’s clothes from those of men’s clothes or girls dresses from boys suits.
So what is your thought on this issue?

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