How can you Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction?

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction in anyway? How did you handle it? In retrospect what caused your wardrobe malfunction? I read a post in quora from a lady who had wardrobe malfunction twice with the same dress, she had asked the audience how they felt after a wardrobe malfunction. Apparently no one answered the question directly rather those who answered the question shared either their own or their friend’s experience of wardrobe malfunction. The lady in question said she is thick skinned, so “no hair was pulled off her hair” since stuff sometimes happen. Well I responded to the question that I am not thick skinned, so I would have asked mother earth to open up and swallow me alive rather than reveal to the world my undies why I walk back home holding my clothes in my hands.

So I ask you fashion bloggers and fashion lovers, the same question the lady in quora had asked. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction and how did you handle it? In retrospect, what caused your wardrobe malfunction? How could you have prevented it? Please share your thoughts in the comment with us. If you had never had one, and I hope you will never have any, what do you think could be the possible cause(s) for a wardrobe malfunction and how could one  avoid such experience

I have never had any wardrobe malfunction, I am a very self-conscious person, so before I leave my house, I always examine everything I put on, coupled with the fact that when I was growing up. My mother would always warn us, “be careful what you wear as you step out of the door because someone else may carry you back to the house”.

I enjoyed all the different forms of wardrobe malfunction different people had ever had and I wish to share the fun with everyone in this forum and hopefully you will be more conscious of what you wear as you step out of your house to avoid such a thing ever happening to you.

My take away from the post on wardrobe malfunction posted in quora

  • I will always avoid very tight dresses, clothing that could make it difficult for me to move my body very easily, rather I will always go for well sewn clothes with sufficient allowances that affords me ease of movement without any hindrance whatsoever to avoid the dress “blowing” open should I find myself in a tight place that forces me to move uncomfortably.
  • I will always be more conscious than ever to examine where I sit to avoid my dress hooking onto nail or anything that could tear it open.
  • As always I will continue to wear well fitted and clean undies to avoid it slipping away from me.

Did you read the post and replies in quora? What are you take away? Please share with us in the comment section

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