Launching Gracious Fashion

I am excited to announce the launching of my fashion blog; Gracious Fashion. I will like to introduce Gracious Fashion blog to fashion blogging community. At Gracious Fashion blog, I wish to deviate from the norms of the traditional fashion blogging in which individuals share the photos of their personal styles. Rather than sharing the photos of my personal styles in my blog, Gracious Fashion blog will be a forum where fashion lovers and fashion conscious individuals will share fashion tips and ideas with others. The purpose for sharing fashion tips and styles will be to help each fashion conscious individual improve his/her personal style, with the aim of uplifting ones self-image and confidence.

Dressing is a nonverbal means of communication, or expressing oneself, so it is important that, what you wear and how you wear it is a true expression of what you want people to know about you and an honest reflection of who you are.

The reason why I have chosen this approach to fashion blogging is because I see a lot of people who think they are fashionable in their choice of clothing, but apparently in the eyes of an onlooker, their dressing is appalling and demeaning to their personality and self-image. This has nothing to do with the shape, figure nor size of the individual, but simply that the individual either has poor judgment of what type of clothing is best for her shape and size, or has poor self-image or low self-esteem or is purely ignorant of what is appropriate for her size and shape. So I thought a forum like this will be necessary for fashion lovers and fashion conscious individuals to share fashion/style tips and ideas with one another.

This is not meant to be a forum where people bash on anyone, nor pick at any individual, but it will be a forum where people share ideas for styles or what type of clothing is appropriate for a particular occasion or events and everyone is welcome to share tips and ideas with the goal of helping and uplifting one another.

I hope fashion lovers and fashion conscious individual will join in the discussions and help to uplift the dignity of men and women through the choice of their personal styles.

Please share with us your thoughts about having a fashion forum like this where fashion lovers and fashion conscious individuals share their fashion ideas. What is you on your mind? Do you think this type of forum is necessary or not? Please let us know in the comments.

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