Are there Ideal Clothes for Moms?

I read a post in which a woman in Canada (whom in this post we shall call Eileen) was so excited and calling the attention of all her friends and anyone who would listen to the clothing stores she said were “mom friendly” She referred to these stores as being mom friendly because according to her they carry clothes for moms. Clothes in her own words “won’t give you that “boring mom’s look” and yet won’t make you look like your teenager daughter”

I found that post interesting and decided to write a follow up post based on it is because, I asked myself “Is there or should there be a difference between clothes moms wear and clothes that women who are not moms wear? If there is or should be, what is the difference?

According to Eileen some mothers dress in such a boring way that one wonders why someone would want to dress so boring, just because they are moms. Or alternatively some moms go to the other extreme and dress like teenagers to prove they aren’t that typical mom. She suggested that there need to be a balance in the style of clothes mom’s wear. She further stated that she had always found it difficult to strike a balance between what is sexy and mundane when shopping for clothing. Finally she was glad to have found seven unique Canadian stores that won’t give you that “boring mom’s look”, yet won’t make you look like your teenager.

Ideally I do not think there should be any difference between what mom’s and women who are not mom’s wear. Being a mom is the attainment of the fullness of womanhood as such a mom should not dress any differently from any other respectable woman. Being a mom should not exclude any woman from dressing comfortably and at the same time elegantly. Every woman owes it to herself to portray and carry herself as a respectable and responsible woman and this should be reflected in the type of clothes she wears. I like to say that every woman should be elegant and dignified in what she wears, and what she chooses to wear can range from; mix and match of blouses /tee shirts over pants/shorts or skirts, dresses, skirts suits or dress suits name it. Every woman has a lot of variety of clothes to choose from based on her styles and tastes. No mom should dress in a boring way at any time, even in her casual wears that makes it easy for her numerous runs. She can still find attractive and stylish casual wears suitable for every event and occasion of her busy and hectic life.Ladies dress, women's clothes Shawl wrapLadies dressShawl Wrap Long skirt

Some woman try to fit into the stereotype of an ideal woman according to expectations of the society rather than being the real woman that she is. It is the responsibility of every woman to be her best self in spite of the societal expectations. Rather than shopping from stores or brands that care for “ideal woman”, there are many other stores both on-line and brick and mortar stores that carry clothes for the real woman like those seven Canadian stores Eileen invited her friends to shop in.

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