A Light Weight Garment Bag is your Indispensable Travel Companion

As the summer winds down and we settle back to our routines, we think of attending workshops, conferences, and taking few days away from home on weekends to visit friends and families. These short travels could be somewhat a challenge as we want to travel light and yet take everything we need while away from home. Finding a nice, light and portable luggage or travel bag that will contain all the important items we need for the few nights could be a challenge. But the good news is that for every problem, there is always a solution, a nice light weight and durable garment bag is your best companion for your short travels.

A garment bag is your most valuable travel companion; it is a bi-fold bag with two handles that makes it easy to carry. It can hold up to four garments. It keeps your clothes neat and wrinkle free.  It has full-length center zipper for easy access, two interior pockets for your shoes and other accessories. It also has a full exterior zipper to enclose all your valuables and a metal hanging hook with which you can hang your garment bag.

Garment bag, travel bag
Garment travel bag

Garment bags

A garment bag protects all your valuables all through your journey.  Besides the functionality of a garment bag, it is both fashionable and stylish. It comes in different colors to meet the taste of every personality type.

Besides a garment bag, you can also opt for a duffle bag.  Duffle bags come in different sizes and colors but the most convenient of the duffle bags are the wheeled rolling duffle bags. This is your alternative companion when you are on the go. Its main compartment is spacious enough to contain all you need for the few days you are away from home. It is a perfect overnight bag. It has zipper enclosed pockets both inside and outside the bag where you can put your other valuables, an in-line skate wheels that allows you to glide it effortless through the airport, and also a retractable handle system in the event you want to use the dual handles or shoulder strap.

duffle bag, duffle rolling baag

Wheeled Duffle Bags

In this digital age laptops have become dispensable part of our lives both for work and leisure; if you are traveling for a workshop or conference, needless to say that a computer bag is not a luxury. You can pair a shoulder strap computer bag with a rolling duffle bag or a garment bag with a wheeled computer bag. Any of these pairs will make your travel hassle free.

Rolling computer laptop bag

Rolling Computer Bags

While thinking of having all you need while few days away from home, there are other valuable accessories to consider; a hanging toilet bag for your toiletries and a makeup case for your makeups and a jewelry bag for our jewelry. These little items are not just a must have while away from home, they also help you to organize your toiletries and cosmetics at home. They help you to de-clutter your bathroom closets, drawers, dressing tables and give you neat clean space without your losing sight of anything you need

Cosmetic train cases
Cosmetic Train Cases

Cosmetic Train CasesToilet Bags, Jewelry bags

So consider making your journeys and travels less of a hassle by traveling with a stylish functional garment bag paired with a rolling laptop bag or a wheeled rolling duffle bag paired with a should strap laptop case, better still you might prefer a laptop case that has both shoulder strap and wheels. Also think of decluttering your bathrooms and dressing tables with, jewelry bags, cosmetic makeup bags and hanging toilet bags.

With the holiday season right around the corner, any of these items can serve as valuable and worthwhile gifts to your friends and family members. They will surely appreciate a gift of a nice jewelry bag, cosmetic makeup case, s nice wheeled duffle bag or even a rolling computer bag. Your little one in high school will smile over a gift of a nice rolling school bag.


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